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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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"L.   'Not a drum was heard, not a             mlr * Full

"H.  'You must wake nd ntll ir t*<4r}>, ',!! w* f
mother dean'   lijjA/ww**.

"M. 'No weasels e'er were thinner.'                  twi*

"H.  'And shall he die, and uiHtwnptl f              F

and glut your ire/

Inflection-exercises are also frequently              tu lr

strengthening the museks of I \w ktrynx, rlr ,    1'Jif ft ^
ing, falling, and circumflex inflection* arr prutli^rx] in

various isolated vowels and woreta, iul arr j*rii< f I^riS

in different passages in which tin*

tionis indicated by diacritical               Tin?

for such exercises arc typically a*%             ;

Practise the rising inflection cm I hi*        A?* <*V*/i         tin*
word as though putting a qucHtiun         tlir
Finish the word in the highent f*iUf pil< Ss

Practise the falling inllnliim tut tlit* wil *V<* ^AVf'h
the word as though answering n                       liw               r^j

phasis..   Start with the hightut                                f^J

the lowest possible pitch*

Similarly practise the wcffrln /, >w, /*<%                   t?r ,

first with rising and thtn witli falling

Similarly practise the various vowrk                    nitj

ing inflection,

Practise the vowels with

ning each vowel in the highest               pitflt,                     it

the lowest, then rising again to the

Practise the vowels with falling

ning each vowel in the lowest pilch,           let fttr               ^|*|

descending again to the lowest,