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continuity of verbal thought necessarily exirhid*'*
multiple thought —one of the most patent of the
secondary causes of stammering.   We havts in
tion, the  usual explanation  that a   nwasuri'  rx
pected to be efficacious will, for a time* eliminate
and   inhibitive  suggestion*—In  some   institution*
the pupils are taught to maintain continuity *if voice*
In a manner that does not involve continuity of verbal
thought, and in such instances* the virtue of the  ex
pedient is lost.   The pupil is instructed to introduce*
a protracted I into the sentence if he
pate trouble with a particular word     ami in
way to preserve continuity of voice while
to attack the difficulty.   But, when this prtKiidurt* i%
permitted, a search for synonyms frequently
and stammering results or the I becomes the
feature of the sentence.

Arnotfs expedient for beginning sound          to

prefix a short e (as in berry) to the first word of tttt*
sentence (6—the sentence being spoken in thl*
manner). The function of the introductory vowel
was to open the glottis and initiate voice, which wan
then maintained in "continuity." Thin device, with
its numerous variations, has become quilt* prominent
in the "therapy7' of stammering. A more mmf
version of the formula requires the preiixiou of I hi*
short e to every word in a sentence, or to every word
beginning with a consonant. Occasionally it* prv-