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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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is recommended only for            words that

afford tlu% stammerer difficulty* Another adaptation
requires the stammerer to interpolate indefinite vowels
between dt>uble and triple consonants               se*te-

fw/, etc,). With this recommendation the instabilities
are nearly exhaunteti, Needless to sayt the device In
quetttion h peniirtwts If applied In any manner.

A variant of the above measure, designed Ukewfoe
to oj>en the glottis and initiate wacc, consistH in pre-
fixing the suumd of the letter w to the initial word or to
difficult wordn k a sentence (N-one ttwallow doe&
not            n*B|>ring, n-ntir yet one fine n-day; etc.).

This in already thret^cjuarterfi of a century old.
A more recent invention supplants n by w, the n
having apparrntly bmi foun<l ineffectual The
m-prefix is (r was for a while) a feature of a ** psycho*
logicalM system that was rt*ct'nt!y introduced from CJtr-
many into Kngland. Thtm w- ami m^i'mttixvH are
unckmbtcdly even ittttrc* malignant than the Mtndckfi*
nite A"

Another expedient for o|Hning thtt glottis
in                   an  aspirate   (usually   represented  m

^inaudibk11) to the first word or to dilficult word*
In a wntence. It is rvktfiit that thin measure In
practically the "imiiri&t lit lark,1* The ot>Hi4rvam:e
of the indirect attack undoubtedly preduden certain
vicious           of physical Htammering; but It of

e         no effect u|H>n the amitwk,