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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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investigators of abnormal
com** to the conclusion tluit stammering in wholly or

partially inducwi by             or lack of control of the

artioiklive           ;

"The             of tttuftrtikr activity which in displayed by the

cif                ami              tin*              with whkh they

open t licit months and UH** tlir lifw                    Is one           of

ttt&mmering» and the «*lmt»irU* which prevent* the ward* of

ttinger*,   prtmclHtrs,   uud   public
tinctly. . * ,

"Sonus                  with an                                            & full CWMS*

ri4iin*if ri»gu!;iir the uction tif the lt|» through
of ttic                          while             art?              to              the

c»{ ihi* tongue.'* $

"In all           and varitttiw «*f thr tl»rdfr  the

ci«i4Siwn            h          of ii gti*alt*r or                     ; which

-function. , * .

"The                     occur ;il the varbus fttojv points of the

tube; -if at Ik* lip*,                         h                   —

at tt»         of lit1            the dental             lire affected ;

*« If at the        of the tongue,,                                      ; - ami

* tletmove, "                            and Siamwrfew/1 pp, 40, $&•