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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Pronounce e-dd-e-do-e-oo, etc., exaggerating the lateral
retraction and the protrusion of the lips.

Moisten the lips. Protrude the lower lip slightly, and draw
it over the upper lip. Now withdraw the lower lip to its normal
position; protrude the upper lip and draw it over the lower
one. Let these movements alternate both rapidly and slowly.
Keep the lips continually in contact.

Practise reading different passages without movement of
the lower jaw. Keep the teeth continually in contact and
exaggerate the labial speech-movements.

"Attempt to move them [the lips] singly; for instance,
draw the under lip downward without allowing the upper lip
to move, and vice versa. Produce a tone, hold it a while, and
make the same movements of the lips. He who has mastered
the muscles of the lips singly, can let them rest when they are
not to act."

"i. Open the mouth wide, giving it its fullest extent lon-

" 2. Do the same, extending it laterally.

" 3, From one position to the other.

" 4. Half open the mouth, as in No. r.

" 5. Half open the mouth, as in No. 2.

" 6. Pout the lips, making a somewhat large orifice.

" 7. Do the same with a small orifice.

" 8. Close the lips, and let them remain closed without presŤ

" 9. Open and close them thus.

" 10. Close them with pressure.

" n. Open and close them thus.

" 12. Do the same as No. 10, with the cheeks puffed out.

"13. Open and close them thus.

" 14. Blow through the lips.

" 15. Blow through the lips with the cheeks puffed out.