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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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ARTICULATION                              61

f< 16,   Blow through the

1117,  From eiiTtw i to 6       7,

"18.   From               6 and 7 to *

1119.   From t****rd*e a lei 6 and 7*

" jo   From                 6       7 to a.

** it.  With the tath                    up the lower lip


" *j.  Da thr         with the          tip.

11 33,   Tlsif                         in twih !I|.lf

to the following are

far the lower Jaw:


11 a*                it,

14 j, Dmw it

114. Mow it to the right.

** $,  Movt it iw th* IrfL

M 6. Ck         iinr Iti lliii           of tt||

"Ktti^ mill ii torn*,               iltr jaw (without any

ilif                                 In and anid

a                              movttRitmt. The              of

i$ iw tlw                       In              /'

are atmi               fn a               0!

W quote the following typical

from   Uuttmftnn'ft ^(fymmwtlcH  of   the

Vdlce/'1 ii               that hat*         widely followed by

*                     of ili         for        tad            s alio t

f the        tif                 aad                      id d,, pp $3 i*