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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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ARTICULATION                             63

touch tht» midtlU* erf tin* lijm        times), then growing faster

(ten, tiftren ttmoO,

14                                 V

"OfK'n the mouth widt*, plait* the tip of the pointed tongue

into «iiit»             tif thr mouth, prcrml with sharply-pointed

In                          iiliing thr upg>er lip to the other cor-

m*r;          tw thi* uiwirr lip to the starting point; repeat the

to ihe starting point,

**                  ¥1

**C)|vii thf              wkk% touch with the tip of the very

thi* rwtn of the upfxtr middle incisors,

m if tn            ii dot then*, and then, tmithinft the, palate in

with thv tip of the tonguts pn>cced back

an far as              ;            go fiirwiinl agiiin. always hreathiltg

th** mouth titmpiratton whtlr the* tongue goes bac%k,

es|»rati*»ii            it         forward, six timoi), both way».

*'                  VII

"Twuvh, in flw*                       thf Attorn of the oral cavity,


"Open Ihf             wU!c% twitrti with the tip of the sharply*

tin*               of the upper lip, then of the

tip,                                       thi* right and left corners

«f tin*              llfnt twt'lvtt tiirurH), rfowly at iirnt, growing

by                 attrmating  ihusi:  upfntr middle,  lower

tftiiitilt:*,           t:«rttrr» Irfi crorncr, upfKjr middle, lower mid-

illi% kft                      r«ttierl             with the »harply-po!ttted