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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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ARTICULATION                             6$

i* to               the tongue, and that they           be faithfully



*4 Protrude the        of the                         without

its tip to                     the front          (ten,


"Sing a         (#*), holding it as         a*

it to lostf ita dear rhararter, and at the
try to           it circling movement with the tip of the             ;

and later, wltrtt tliis                lias lx*en fully mastered, try to

a horizontal movement with the tip of the tongue from

of the            tci the other i        ultiwly        then gra*l-

In rapidity/*

The                               are culled


Protrude* th tongue, and with this                         a

of rirdeft.   Rrver^ the clirrrtinii of Itit

with the tip of the             in tlt

of ttitt

Itit              with the fwiai of the

a* far as*

tin*            of the              at ttit?          tif tlie up|r

the (*oifit         to thpftoft |HUatelaitd if
to the uvula,                this              onttittually in contact with

tilt       0f thtt mouth.   Carry the                          to thce         ;

to th#           ;        wo on,

tin*             J fur a*              ;           It till It Ii In

the           tip; lower it 111 it is in contact with the

under lip,

tha               into the                                the