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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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ARTICULATION                            73

b-d-g b-g-d d-b-g d-g-b g-b-d g-d-b

b-v v-b b-v-b v-b-v b-v-v-b v-b-b-v

b-w w-b b-w-b w-b-w b-w-w-b w-b-b-w

b-v-w b-w-v v-b-w v-w-b w-b-v w-v-b

v-w w-v v-w-v w-v-w v-w-w-v w-v-v-w

v-m m-v v-m-v m-v-m v-m-m-v m-v-v-m

w-m m-w w-m-w m-w-m w-m-m-w m-w-w-m

v-w-m v-m-w w-v-m w-m-v m-v-w m-w-v

v~th th-v v-th-v th-v-th v-th-th-v th-v-v-th

th-z z-th th-z-th z-th-z th-z-z-th z-th-th-z

v-th-z v-z-th th-z-v th-v-z z-v-th z-th-v

th-1 1-th th-l-th 1-th-l th-1-l-th 1-th-th-l

v-th-1 v-l-th th-v4 th-l-v 1-v-th 1-th-v

th-zh zh-th th-zh-th zh-th-zh th-zh-zh-th zh-th-th-zh

z-zh zh-z z-zh-z zh~z-zh z-zh-zh-z zh-z-z-zh

z-th-zh z-zh-th th-z-zh th-zh-z zh-z-th zh-th-z

z-r r-z z-r-z r-z-r z-r-r-z r-z-z-r

r-1 1-r r-l-r 1-r-l r-l-l-r 1-r-r-l

r-n n-r r-n-r n-r-n r-n-n-r n-r-r-n

n-1 1-n n-l-n 1-n-l n-l-l-n 1-n-n-l

r-l-n r-n4 1-r-n 1-n-r n-r-1 n-l-r

n-m m-n n-m-n m-n-m n-m-m-n m-n-n-m

n-ng ng-n n-ng-n ng-n-ng n-ng-ng-n ng-n-n-ng

m-ng ng-m m-ng-m ng-m-ng m-ng-ng-m ng-m-m-ng

n-m-ng n-ng-na m-n-ng m-ng-n ng-n-m ng-m-n

y-zh zh-y y-zh-y zh-y-zh y-zh-zh-y zh-y-y-zh

y-w w-y y-w-y w-y-w y-w-w-y w-y-y-w"

Repeat the above combinations with a vowel subjoined to
each of the articulative elements; thus :

pata tapa patapa tapata patatapa tapapata
paka kapa pakapa kapaka pakakapa kapapaka
taka kata takata kataka takakata katataka