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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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the                             with il die


Practise the fallowing consonantal combustions ;
ail other pos&ible combination*, which           not

occur in words.   "A gymnastic of the             Is the object

In view."

"b, d, hb, hbd, I, p, bf, ph, hfpv t, ft, g, gd, k, kt, pi, tk, bdg ,
ptk, *h, feh, nhp, 8, t st, hstt ks ltt j lf bi, dl, hJ gl
gift, l*h nhi, pi, kl klg. glhf m, hm mb, mtf fro, km, 1m,
,             flm. n, bnt da hn, fn, pn, tn, knf gn shn sb

m, r brs trf 8harf $hmr, wt qu, shwr, *^ x,11

the following combination* of                      md

vowcli,               at tins beginning of         Ux&ot tad hold the

breath for a              before vocotiiing*

y4rett-ty -tray-ay  t toh-ay  tru,