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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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ARTICULATION                           79


V f- " ^ A VwV *?** A

V /w*h w*i\/pi*i ,b*S\/tytii $m\ y/%mb/il* /|*ta mm\ biurs ^\

V2^       *                 MAW \   /                                             A

a      T              a    y        mw     ffia      ml    /\

V Xl*   X^ X^*^ x^tt^       V   Xl  X^w Xwi  Xw

V Xw x^* X^^ X^w         V         MX  ^X, lifes* MiK,


V      *         to         IMA        iw         to        too         i'i

V   ^   V   fc   V      A

Y mof   wf   iw   V            bif   PV   V   *y    ^    py / \

1 to pp. ii, 37* *wi 47 ^                  01