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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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ARTICULATION                           81

former                           for I                     that It is not

t         of time, but                       *

The theory that stammering is due to difficulty
in producing mnnonants is practically defunct; but
the articulatory                 still continue. These

have, however, absolutely no merit to justify
their existence. There Is one instance in which
they eouhi bit prescribed with my                       of

justification;  and that fa, In            where there fats

occurred a tiiHtortion of the verbal imagery.   But
cvt*n ia                    the mechanical practice of articu-

lation Is

There arc* 0n the                 a few                       for

circumventing particular                     atitl connonanUU


llir initial te, It in adxfincd,              be pronounced

m iw.   The word waif                 ntf-nij;

^-ill;            lii%:i ton-if;


The initial y                       as #&    F^n                        ;


Initial rf                                                  er*             are

one! rol in r-0l.

(), of course,             he thfrtiglil tif an to*   Forth-

with the difficulty vaninht.%

1 Aftff                                                                                W tt

in tht                 f