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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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ARTICULATION                            83

as a watchmaker        a watch, tad              aE the         and

and pivotn, of its mwhanism; then, having discovered
and corrected the?             of the                        of the machine,

he mu»t proemi carefully to replace them, ow by       m
ordtT, adjuring each to         action before he             to the

next I Such precisely itt the curative process; It is not it te-
dious one, for tin* elements of »|>et*i%h are few definite in
mimtx.'r, hut                It were                  pcr*evt»ranee would

fir later bring it t*i an end !   And the Stammerer will
then nut only haw hi*             machine in order t and free frwm

obstruction*} and irri*giilaritlesp but under sujicrlor control»
from his                                    with its ntructure wad            of

the             author:

"A            who has aapirrd llir habit of                    hm 10

like a tlllli* dnttl, frwm Ik* point from which he

ntraywl.   Unlike a chilci, hwwevcr» iwtriwJ of               by !mi«

liiifiii or intuition, he hm to tw told fiactly how ami            to

the             and Hjw."

Hie third author            in               ;

111 Let me v&t your mouth; sit flown and cipen it,

(He {the imtieriij         MO,)   Wi*il, it is an                 mouth*

Put out your                 (He         m)   An excellent tongutt ;

too         iitir too              You*v« loftt a tooth or tw« ;

but yott*vi*             Wt, and til the front                      and in

well;  ihry work             wiough, ni>

of           the            rli f   (Hi* kiighn.)   Move pmr Iip»

opening                   them with a nob**.   (lit*        MO,

ihr            nf the luttrr j>.)   Wvll% that1* «11 right, and yet I

my you         you cuit* t my ** pu/"             it           with