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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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ARTICULAT1OH                            85

** * Ha I         I   You see you can iay w as          as I do,

and ycni fancied  it  wan a dreadful stumbling-block.   My

fellow, you            no defect at all ; you only fancy you

haw.   You try t attain the utterance cvi{ a certain amtntl by

an utterly                   contrary prtictsu tt> the                        to

produce It   You            ts well attempt to            with your

; you have first to         ynur lips Hi
tlie cigar.'

"Thu I        htm In turn through

In llit*                  -   fiwttV,                    iitomV, t I>r, Runh lit

him tin* organic prccew                 far

tltr nlleraii*' f rartt,       ftirring him tci obiw*rvi' it in practice,

iiiiil                         l<i him, by hk twn Mtm*n thalt u^ulrr the

k                    H lllllff                    |A

Inntruction in the mechanical prwifsweH by which
the vartuuH elemental s<mn<is are pnKlucetl k unuaSty
{irt*criii*tl by some (ieHcrriptitm of the anatomy of the
HjwtH'h'organA. The physical ntrurture of the
Is often taught from unatomioi) moclelH, Thtt ex-
on the jihyniology of                h generally

&H follown:

k effrct^tl                 th**                    of th0 ctiet,

"Niiliiw            a vacuum,'* air wiirw the           which

fill Ik* cavity                   otherwUt* have rwtultwl,   Kxpira-

Is                            crintrju'tion <f flit?         tto contraction

ill                  trf llit* hrrath,   A* the breath

the              w vitirrlKa Cn cimH|>icuou part of which

In        iis the *' AdUw*H appfc**K it       into vibration the vtttal

rorcU, a        f el;wtic                         fulib within the larynx*

The           ur lowering of the pitch