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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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ARTICULATION                           87

T0 form the consonant m,         the lips together, lower the

oft palate slightly in order to connect the pharynx with the

(but do not lower the velum sufficiently to bring It in

contact with the tongue) ; then vocalize the breath (which will

find            through the narcs), and finally dispiode the con*

by mtpiiratiiig the lips,

To produce w/r f In t?/i<tf), protrude the lip slightly, and
round them to diminifth the nm of the labial orifice; raise the
vdum, and emit the breath rather forcefully through the mouth
i that a fricative sound i produced at the lip; complete the
articulation by sharply separating and retracting the lips,

To products t              m for trt, but vocalise the effluent


To produce the consonant /, bring the lower lip against the

indaofti,       slightly raise the upper lip ; raise the velum,

and            the breath with sufficient force to occasion a frica-

tive mmmi it the lip; complete the articulation by lowering

the jaw and sharply separating the lip from the upper teeth.

To form t, proceed an for /, but vocalize the outgoing current,

To form I, apply the entire edge of the tongue to the roof

of th mouth ; rake the velum, and compress the air in, the

and cavity nf the mouth          the tongue ; articulate

the                  by abruptly                  the tongue from the

To produce if,              similarly, but voeall the breath a

articulating the oomtonont.

To prixiurt* ,          the entire         of the tongue against

the            for I or d \           the velum slightly (but not to

the         of the tongue), tmcl vocoliee the breath* which will

the         : articulate the coBsonaat by shwply

tli            from the palate,

To form i            the            to the roof of the mouth with

the                        wE la contact, but with the middle of the