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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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ARTICULATION                           89

the constricted space above the tongue; to complete the artic-
ulation bwrr the jaw bring the .tongue ifaarply away
from the (udute.

To imxiuce 1% apply the poHterior part of the tongue to the
rwjf til tin*            ; the velum* and trompressi the m hi the

ph&ryxtx: articulate the cumonant by uiutrply withdrawing the
tongue from I lie pilaff.

To product? jj, proceed OH for fts but vocall*i the breath junt
before                   the cmwonant,

TCI product? the coiMomutt A, emit the breath with sufficient
force to product? ait ;uipirate itound in the glottb.1

In           institutkmH much a<it> IH nuult^ of this

study of tht* a>nH<>nants*    Further, the consonants

art* usually carefully and st:icnti!irai!y classifii.*<l as

and t&ntiniwus;  lutrd und i/l;                and

linKuat, and |iilliinil;   twnl^ ^ewi-

iwnl and wilt*;  etc,     actoinliiig to the particular

fancy or prejudice if, i>r partlrular book In the pos-

of, tilt* particular **professor" in              of

the institution.

And what w the value of                      of the con-



The                in uiunlly faulty, for even phoneti-

arc by no                                   themselves as

to the              In which          of the siK^h-elements

are produced.   "Hie principiations given above, though

1 All of                                       of <ourMrt fr wiliiil                       

c lia tin?            f i or Jt.   (f In equivalent to lw