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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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ARTHTLVriOX                            gi

In           institutions the pupils are given instruc-

tion (usually cursory, ami unfortunately frequently
inaccurate) cuncerning the physiological production
cif the vowels. This feature a! instruction Is rarely
met with ; but It Is out* of imjxtrtance, and must
therefore be included in the present review,

We          iH'Uw, the lingual and labial confonna*

tions correH|x>tuiing to the different vowds as these
amfarmatums are usually            by instructors of the


Ah as iii/^ir; The ttmgutt lit** flat ami inarfivi* in the
of the            j <r thr wfcilr tongut* may I w nlightly but

The cwitm of the mouth ur* allghily

*"* * w                   it*"ip*ii

Tte             h              w*|HiUiin the phAryu&.'Ifom the

in thit        with all EnglKlt vowels),1      ,                   **

rt iw in finl;  llir tungui* H*cwjnt*H the            }xMition  for

u4   Tlsr Upn art* 4igliily rtiiintietl,                            i *"    -'iiir, ^

Aw an In *fl m<;/, Hr, :  Fwiibii cif thr              m

The lifta aw Mill wort* rtmrnlrti. Wi4 tht?

'_        '   ' 

# at in liil/ fFht biily rf iti              in

in lilt               iitrrufiirrl (r <iA; thtf bark til tin* tcrngud

Hit* iiiiiiilh Ii wrll tip*ii ; thrre k p* r^oiti<lt^i^

'   ;    'i\   " ;"M
1 i in ktt: The fn* iri uf the*

1                      if Itir larynx in lrtt*rniittr4            |y tlt^

of Ifec              stud bruit- nwl wtl k* (tmniflrtw tti the

3 Fr               fttiit                     n^lM vciwrU                   &

ililll lilt*                                                                  tilt

a               ilii*                                                                          "^;*