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ARTICULATION                             93

J as la       : A diphthong composed &l the elements i am! $.
Oi m in oil: A diphthong composed of the elements w and £,
Om as in mw;  A diphthong composed of the elements a A
and M

I? M in rfw*; A diphthong composed of the               I and 88.

These vowel-positions are not in accord with
those given by all authorities. This must neces-
sarily be the case, since authorities* differ somewhat
themselves, Their differences of opinion,
however, art* not significant. Where one phonetician
the "low hark11 {msttion for a certain vowel,
another may give "mid hack.1' Usually either posi-
tion will give the vowel with considerable purity.
There can be no absolute scale of lingual positions,
for these differ somewhat m individuals with the
height and            of the palate. And further, there

h no  absolute   standard   of                          these

differ in different l(H*a!itie», and with different
in the         locality.

"Ttw               «f the difficulty            to be that

by         iiaiiifly, thai* *what we rail «iur vowels are iicil Jmli-
but            gtwnt, rlisting roughly in

the                intention, but at prrsrul mainly nrlifiimlly cun-

by the            of             ami rwtding,*" *

The           of  instruction in voweMonnation c!e-

of C0ur«% ujnm the nature erf the instruction
sad the             in which it Is given,

1                                 Belt,                        of