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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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OF ENUNCIATION, ETC.           101

"Algebraical  ammoniacal    imtipalAelical  arato*
 catec&e/ical  conittnfMimty  eharacterfctical 
 contiguity  dcmocraJica! -  extemporaneous

i  enthusiustical -encyclopedia  eleclr icily
x eccenlf iclty w extra*|>ariH>hiaI 

x                    -

mytho/D^ical   jM?rtiniii Ity  ptmten tiary  plenipo^ntiary

 puttiliaii Jmity  phlbi^/ilral  * physu^ical w physi0|nomy

*                        - tuntullaneous "^   syntemo/ical (<*m super-

x- undervaluation - uni/^rwity -* umitrsalisim  universality


41 1, Accentuate the aixwc wmh on the last aylkble but


11 a*            out the word *        It out* "


"" anti{Hwti/rMtiaI '-

rtrrumimvigatloii   T '  drrumfcrmtiftl -~ con-
"" dt*trrioratbn "  exaggeration
'*-                         * epkurran - lrr|I^Air 

                       "- iwffiffidotti -"-' pronunciation  rattodna-

 *                -* fmptwrojtation.

" x. Accentuate the alcove on the hmt iyltabk* but one*
"a.            out the weird *1         It out.

"N. IL ^-                     will hav c> difficulty with wray of

the above            if they are careful to keep the eye on the syt**

la                   -

are of eoutie succeeded by read-

lug- and                             We tthail first coasider