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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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These simple sentences are usually followed by
" selected paragraphs." In these paragraphs, respira-
tion points are frequently indicated by symbols. We
give below, a reading-exercise that is employed IE a
German institution:


** V An emperor of China was once informed of the death of a
horse V that lit* had intrusted to the special care of one of
his servants, V Tim emperor had the unfortunate man called
to him, V but was so enraged that he attempted to slay Mm
with his own htmd. V * Ruler of the work!/ cried a nuuuiarin,
ILH he warded off the blow, V * Ruler of the world, would you
have this man tile uninformed of the enormity of his crime ? *
V * Inform him/ said the emjwror, tttill violently enraged,
V * Wretched man/ sakl the mandarin to the servant, V * your
offence Is that a hor&t* has died after being placed In your
HfK'dttl care by our emperor, V That i* a great crime,
V You have so angerrd our itn|x?flur that he nearly dew you
with hi* awn hand. V That Is wen it worse crime.
V And It will be your fault lliat later our emperor will
the love of hut subjetfif V and hi# gtxxl name with other
n&tfonft V when they learn titttt he ordcm! a man to be
killed for the of a hone, V Do you realize what a criminal
you are?*

** * V Relente him*;       the emperor, * I forgive him/"

Dialogue-reading h       employed:

Firsl P*p&: " What            thou, noble heart ?f>

Pupil: "Whut will I do, think*»t thou?"
Pmi             "Why, go to Iml ancl sleep,"

Second Pupil: <4IwUlinfiontinentIy(!rt)wnmy»eU/* Etc»»etc*