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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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OF ENUNCIATION, ETC,           105

"What though ear A         of earth-born rapture fly !

"In septennial parliaments, your representatives have six

years lor offence,       but oae for atowifient.
11 Can the                       look forward with               confidence

to the expected increase of his fields ?
*4Now on the leaflet yew It plays,
"Long has It hung from the       yew'j ipxmy,
"Oft by thaJ jww on the blasted field.
"Egtunplesi prevail when prece£to/alL
"Frequcnf        company*
11 PHI Ik* cu/                 iti a ptjMHn.              >*"'*

"Then            /At?         omnipotent 10 chari^'''1*

And the lou*/                      their fast alarm.', ' ;",                ;, j.

"My little                    we a tlioumml limes

"In praising              to, anil Warae mont

"Malta? iildom            a marl l<> aim at.       -

**W« rnunt no/ Wame/ortunc far tmr faults,   *,'        **f
11 We                  to lime*       /o Improve »hat 1% t» corrik"

, {mit coal).

**IriiA ytfw«, (licit

"Yet half 1 nee the [Minting spirit        (not

*80fa I the


Art tbou               tti tie thu            in thine own" "act and

vtlour» as ibou art in dtniw ? (not thy known.) f * ' !'

*'A         t«r              - ilii* wintry air

Congealed If iw It                      ;

All night it lay au sre-drtip tbitn% (not & nice drop)
At mom il glittered in the ray,

u 4 Give the ctl                     *   * The ciU'i lai!f               ? *  * Si-