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Another exercise consists in learning passages and
reciting them memoriter. Says one writer;

"As soon as possible, read aloud, and recite pieces committed

to memory, first in private, next before sensible intimate friends,

and at length you will be able to do so in school, college, or la
public company/1

A German teacher of stammerers requires his
pupils to learn and recite prose passages, and later
to paraphrase them. Reading-matter Is also para-
phrased la this way.

Another German instructor requires his pupils to
complete sentences of which he given the Introduc-
tory words. The cues are typically as follows:

11 My favorite authors are ^ — •fl
41 My favorite book

" The chief characters in the lKM*k "—n
** My general impressions of the book «f>
41 The longest journey I ewr undertook —lf
44 My pleasauttttt wcoiicctioirn of the journey are *—-fl
4< My favorite pastime is "~- "
44 Its                  are - ""•"

** My Interim in It k*gan -~«**
** I        in the newnpaf»er this moradng that ——- *'
41 This afternoon I shall —-« n
Etc., etc.

Asking a«cl answering questions m another popular

form of practice. The pupils interrogate and reply
to one another, or reply to formal questions put by
the instructor. Formal questions are often pro-