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pounded relative to the subject -mat tor in the
exercises.   The following typical                             to

the exercise given on         icy ;

" What offence had the empcw'a                               f M

" Who interceded on the servant**           ? "

" What is a mandarin ? * *

" Approximately, what words did the                              in

addressing the emperor ? **

" What was the emperor'*               ? "

" With what words, approximately. Aid lt
the servant? "

" To whom, however, was ho really                ? M

" What effect did the words haveun the              ? " Kic.^tc,

Brief replies are usually prohibited :

"The answer must not be t           mw                   ftf um

word only, but must contain the whoh* ipir^iioii , lor rxwitujiii*,
if I ask, *How are you to-day ?' the                     not In*, ' Well * ;

but/Iamwell to-day, thank you.1, . ,   A* a             l

in these answers the slightest                4if                      nwi tie

permitted, but in case there Is, the                        be

unto it is produced fluently,"

DeMng words Is another popular              :

"'What is a house?1  * A building that                      AH

a dwelling.'

" 'What is a rose? ' "The mm in a                       for it*

beauty and scent ; It m called the queen rf the

A Belgian teacher employs                 that

the accentuation of different words in the reply.   Fur
example :