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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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In many institutions light articulation is enjoined
not merely for initial consonants, but for all consonants
that occur in a word.1 Hie pupils practise light
articulation in general reading, or in formal
in which directions are taken from charts. The
following practice-chart is typical:


baiemi beatitude binary bowsprit beautiful
daiiy dealing diary donation dutiful
failing feeiingiy frightmi foment futuz*
gaiiy greedy grimy grotesque gewgaw

hatefUl  heinOUs  higher hOp«ie«

jaded jejune jibing jovial jewei

keepsake kindliness  kOWtOW

lamely  leaky   lifelike  lOathfUI

mainland meekness mightily mOmCat mUilc&I

namesake nCgOtiatOr  ninetieth  nOm&dic nUisftaei

painful peacefully piety potentiality

quakCr  queerer  quiet  quOtadOn quOOk
radiance reasonableness  rldCr rOdeat

salience seasonable sightly social *uitabi«

taatefUl tedious  tiresomeness tOkCa  tUnelUl

variegated veniai vicarious vOciferOUi viewiew
wakeminess weekly widening woemi wooer

1 In an English Institution, weak articulation Is prescribed for all
except final consonants, these being given a sort of