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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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d-s~s-s -f st-pp-ngs -nd s-ff-ot-ns -r- th- m-st d-ng-r-
~s -n th- b-d-, -nd -t -s n-t m-ch -th-rw- s- -n th-
m-nd; y- m- t-k- s-zr- t- -p-n th- 1-v-r, st-1 t-
~p-n th- spl--n, fl-w-rs -f s-lph-r f-r th- 1-ngs, c-st-r-m
f-r th- br~n, b-t n- r-c-pt -p-n-th th- h-rt b-t - tr-
fr--nd, t- wh-m y- m -mp-rt gr-fs, j-s, f-rs,
h-p-s, s-sp-c--ns, c~ns-ls, -nd wh-tsv-r 1th -p-n
th- h-rt t- -ppr-ss -t, -n - k-nd -f c-v-1 shr-ft -r c-nf-s-


"A principal frllit Of friendship is the ease and discharge
Of the fUlnCss and swellings Of the heart, which passlOns Of
ail kinds dO caUse and indUce. W6 knOW disCasCs Of stop-
pings and sUffOcatlOns are the mOst dangCrOUs in the bOdy?
and it is nOt milch Otherwise in the mind J yOU may take sazra
tO OpCn the Ever, steel tO Open the spleen, flOwCrs Of sUl-
phUr fOr the lUngs, castOrCUm fOr the brain, bUt nQ, receipt

Openeth the heart but a true friend, to whom you may impart

griefs, jOys, fears, hOpes, suspicions, cOUnseis, and whatso-
ever lieth UpOn the heart tO Oppress it, in a kind Of civil
shrift Or cOnfCssiOn."

Many persons engaged in treating stammering
recommend not only that the consonants be reduced,
but also that the vowels be prolonged. The following
paragraph on the subject is by an English writer:

"It is a well-known fact that most stammerers can sing
without any difficulty. This is because in singing there is a