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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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continuous flow of vocal tone; rte            predominate, while

the condonantM are but very lightly touched la passing. The
opixiHite of this place in speech* The vowels are passed
aver quickly, and I/if ctmstmants, which are only checks, clicks^
and explosive nobes,                        The moral of this Is ob-

viou*.   I*t*t the stammerer                 Ms           at the

ttfhis                  and a good many stumbling-blocks wiH thereby

be removed from Ills

And thin by an American writer ;

**In maying longer phnutes the stammerer should keep In
mind and practise thin robbing or f net ion of tone and breath*
through the thrtuit, thin half "groaning Hound, and try to carry
it through the whole nentena* without interruption, thinking
{xwiKtently of the unbroken stimuli of outjxmrmg breath.

"Of courae, many of the coiiHonantK will momentarily check
this steady flow. Such, for iitstunce, are k, p% I, or ft, d> g ; but
then*? fit* muni slight and dtHregani m far M |x»ttHible, thinking, not
of the ron&mant, but of the vowel which follow* It, Let him
liirrnlly           the vowdn, running them together as much M

fMimililr,   Ifi? muy, with mlvuntage, even omll the ronM>nanttt
simply drawl the vowels In out4 unbroken Htream of groan*
Itig ttine.   Ttwii let him mid the rosiHonanu an lightly touched
m               mi                     they will IKS almoitt or quite uniu-

tdligililt% gntilualty                      inon* dintinct as he         that

the       iif            dmwling will not Im interfered with,"

Vowel-dcungatkm h                from charts in several

German in*tituti<mH.   'llu? trannc'ription given on the

following        present* a typical exercise,
In a prominent German stammering^achool, the

pupiin           their initial attempt at reading from