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OF ENUNCIATION, ETC.           121

don, a very young man, entirely Ms own master, with no
friends to control him, surrounded by temptations, those rules
which he had fixed upon early in life were of singular benefit
to him. Returning to America in 1726, in time he opened
a modest printing-house in Philadelphia, Industry* honesty,
and good work made him successful. He became member of
the Assembly, postmaster, and during the Revolution, while
in France, induced that country to espouse our cause* If
to-day the world has to thank Americans for making electricity
their servant. Benjamin Franklin first discovered its most
marked qualities. With a kite he brought down the spark
from heaven to earth, and held it under control* Franklin
died, honored by all his countrymen, in 1700,

"When a lad, hungry and tired, he landed in Philadelphia
with a dollar in his |x>rketT he bought some bread, and marched
through the streets munching his crust, He happened to
see a young lady, a Miss Read, at the door of her father's
house, lie made up his mind then and there that he would
marry her; ami so In time lie did*" l

* Sltw Awaking i» advocated by most                of ittmmerers*

Tills **ttJow tyK'itking" unuaily involves lengthening the vowels and
protracting the ordinary pnu*t*«t,

King,Hk*y'ii oft-quott*d atlvire is "R«ad and           SLOW.**

Another Kngtinh writer ckdtrei that —

*'Th« stammerer^ if In* wish to be fared, winil, on all occasion*,
!&>wiyandd<*Hhfraidy, dwelling on the            m m to give time

for forming the hryngtm! wmndti."

A third KngUfth writer |H*IIH I lit* following:

111 «ratstly itilvtat* all pentmtt with ii«|»dlmeat» of »f)eech» whether
coniirmt^i staromerrra and rtiitterrn, or only juit beginning to hmi*
inh\ to In* very slow ami ildllwrfitr In reading and sptakfng, es|>ecially
at first. Among the large* numbew of patient* whom I hive hud
under my car* far I lie removal of all kinds of im{>edimtmt* and diffi-
culties In articulation, I have met with but veiy few who did not