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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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cally Incompatible; and one almost of necessity
excludes the other. Pure stammering, however,
cannot be directly affected by light articulation*
The expedient of omitting the initial consonant cannot
be regarded as practicable, for the omission renders
speech unintelligible. Even the practice of reducing
the consonant is not without its dangers, for the
stammerer is frequently subjected to the embarrass-
ment of being asked to repeat* The various exercises
in light articulation probably have some slight
value; but, like most exercises, they are undoubtedly
overrated The value of light articulation lies in
its application, and not in the fact that it may be
practised for several hours a day under the tutelage
of a highly paid instructor, — A             diminution

of the strength of the consonants seems scarcely
necessary in cases where the stammerer experiences no
difficulty in the middle of words. "—Vowel-reading
and similar exercises probably lead to an ephemeral
intensification of the auditory imagery! and thus for
a brief period may appear to be efficacious* ™ The
preliminary reading of the physiological consonants
is probably of no benefit to the amnesic stammerer,—
The trick of elongating the vowels cannot be taken
very seriously. It has some slight efficacy, since
it focus&es the speaker's* attention on the auditory
element. In resorting to the expedient, however, the
subject merely exchanges his position as an inteUi-