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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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now* absolutely no one has been safe from stammering; for
no one knew why he spoke normally * ...

"After surmounting inconceivable difficulties I have pene-
trated the matter in such a way that nothing can refute the
conclusions I have arrived at. ,  ,

111 am not a learned man, I am not highly accomplished and
scientific; hence I am not going to write a learned book; but
I shall relate and explain in what way and manner I succeeded
in discovering the causes of my own frightful infirmity. Further,
I shall record my observations on the manifestations of this
disease, and finally 1 shall tell how I contrived with great
energy and with the exertion of the whole strength of my body
and soul to discover the way and means to cure my own infirm-
ity! and hence also the infirmity of others, , * ,

"My work (or my struggle, I might say) aims at an ideal,
I am not conducting propaganda for a lucrative undertaking.
The sole object that I have in view is to banish stammering
from the world (Stottwn aiw der Welt &n scka/m)^ and to
place my exfwricnce at the service of those unfortunate ones
whose anguish and suffering 1 know and appreciate full well,
since 1 myself have tasted all the pain and bitterness that falls
to a stammerer's lot.

"Banish stammering from the world!
"Is this

"It sound* like mockery when I say, * I am In the fortunate
position, an the result of experiences in my own person, as well
as with my three children, - two girls and a boy?  of being
able to answer the above question in the affirmative/

11 It was thene terrible experiences that drove me to seek and
inquire how the pain of tills awful disease might be removed;
and, thank God, 1 have found the means and the way of
exterminating the malady with its roots,

** As my life's work I have undertaken to abolish stammering