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their various impediments until they have thoroughly conquered
it, and acquired the habit of always keeping the Hps firmly
but easily pressed together; except, of course, when reading
or speaking."

The expedients of starting to speak from the "open

position1' and using a free action of the jaw are fre-
' quently recommended as antidotes for stammering.
Thus an American u speech specialistn:

u Never forgtrt that the other half of the stammerer's trouble
cornea from cloĞing Ms mouth when It should be open,

** The mouth should always be open at beginnings. . . .

" Act OR the principle that all lip-sounds are produced as
the lips go tptrt, not while they are in contact,

44 The chief mistake is to begin with the lips together, whereas
all beginnings should be made with the mouth open."

One of the principal remedies of an English Institu-
tion consists In starting from the open position and
wagging the jaw freely. The argument Is that the
word nag Is a corruption of wag, and that a nagging
woman wjfs her jaw excessively. The stammerer
should therefore wag Ms jaw to acquire similar
fluency In speech.

And this In condemnation of the measure;

** Then, in the matter of advising stammerers to open their
mouths wide so as to allow speech to flow freely out of them, —-
this, in my judgment* is another decided error. As a rule,
this openiag of the mouth wide is the very thing stammerers
are only too much in the habit of doing, and in my opinion is
the very thing we should prevent them from doing* It is