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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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consists of three expedients that we have already
considered* — ' Explosive consonants are to be given
light articulation- In stammering on such conso-
nants as I, d, ck$ and/—

"It can be . . * that the tongue is wedged tightly
into position behind the upper teeth and is forcibly held in that
position, The opposite in position naturally would suggest
relaxation with little muscular effort of the organs* la other
words, the position as % My as

As for the continuous consonants :

11 It wiH be found upon trial with many of the continuous

sounds that it is difficult to continue their initial sound with the

mouth ope»» and thus this method of simply opening the mouth

.after having formed the sound will serve, in maay          as a

of overcoming the difficulty."

And respecting the vowels :

11 Since vowel stammering is manifested by the contraction

{demure?) of the glottis, cannot the reader we that it is always

weU to attack the vowel by lowering the voice {pitch ?], thus

the vocal cords and making the glottis as little

liable to contraction as             ? **

Explosive consonants are practised in passages
similar to the foUowing, in which italicized consonants
are lightly articulated :

" There         in this                world of oursf

As part of the herf-Jage lot-ted to man,
The thistle of woe and the lowers