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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Occasionally the stammerer is counselled to cir-
cumvent "troublesome initial consonants" by de-

taching them from the body of the word. He is ad-
vised to make a distinct pause between the consonant
and the succeeding vowel, and later to             the

pause till it becomes " imperceptible ** (or is actually
eliminated). Reading-practice is of course pre-


1 1 ooked t o th -c w eather  Me, and th - e s -tim-
mer h-*ad d eparted. Th e sea W"-a r ocking, ami
sh aken w "ith g--athering wr ath. Upon its s urface
s at m 'ighty m ists, wh ich gr- -wiped th -emaelvoi
into arches and 1 ong c athtilral aisles. Down one of
th cse, w ith t he f^-iery p  *ace of a qu "-artel f r om
a cr oss-b ow, r- an a fr-"igate r"-ight athwart our
c ourse* u Are th ey m-*ad ? " s -ome v oice ex-
claimed fr om our deck. **D-o they W--CKI th-*eir
r uin?" B- ut in a m oment, m sli-^* w-as d one up-
on us, S- ome impulse of a h eacly r urrent or
v ortex gavc a wh  -Deling b-*iiis t -o h t*r c
and off she f-- orged w*"4thout a ah '-ock. As i*h c r an
p ast us, h igh aloft amongst th-~e hroud t IKK!
th- e 1 -ady of tli**^ p -innace Th tj d-'ttqis o|>ened
ahead in m alice t o r cceive h-"tsrf t- Cowering spurge*
of f oam r -iin after h er, th e b illows w~-ere f ierce
t  o c  atch h- er,


B-ut f-ar away sh-e w-a b-ornt? into d-esert ipacw of
th-e s-ea: whilst still b-y slight 1 followed h*erf as