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syllabic reading and speaking is not an exercise, but
the whole remedial system ; and the pupil is discharged
from the institution with this mode of utterance as
an amulet to ward off his impediment,

Syllabic speaking is an utterly purposeless pro-
cedure, It is a bow at a venture; no clear expla-
nation has ever been made of the purpose it is
intended to accomplish* As an exercise it is a vagary ;
as a mode of enunciation it is an objectless and futile
travesty on human speech.

We have now to consider rhythmic speaking, a
popular form of syllabic utterance. With rhythmic
enunciation the syllables are given uniform length,
and speech Is accorded rhythm more or less imitative
of musical or poetic measure* Speech is monotonous
and drawling, rather than staccato  an is usually the
case with "syllabic speaking/* Rhythmic speech is
frequently recommended as a mode of utterance to
be observed as a preventive of stammering ; syllabic
speaking is employed chiefly as an exercise.

The following paragraphs are by Colombat, who
was among the first to employ rhythm in the therapy
of stammering ; l

txccrpttid from Dr* Flies* 4< Orthophonk* " (pp. 53 fL)
an abstract of Co!ombat'& ** Du Mgaiement ct de tons lett aulres

vkeR de k parole** (Park, 1830} and hi ** M&noiru stir la physio-
logic et thcrapeutique d Mgalement, Msant suite nw traitd
d'orthophonie1' (Park, 1836),