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The version of Bansmaxin * and Zitterland is that
the deceased husband of Mrs. Leigh had been a stam-
merer, and that through this circumstance Mrs.
Leigh had come by her knowledge of the remedy

she employed. At any rate, the " Leigh method7*
seems to have been identical with that plied by Bros*

ter in England, and invented by Mm (according to Ms

own version) shortly after the year 1800* Relative to
this matter the following paragraph by Dr. Julius

is of interest :

11 It will be known to some of our readers that Mr. Broster,

now of London, and formerly of Liverpool and earlier of Edin-
burgh, has for some years conducted a very successful stammer-
Ing-school His method, concerning which the pupils are
bound to secrecy, probably consists in some trick to be applied
during speech. Either the method is successful in a few days
(as is usually the case) or it fails altogether. Mr, Broster
is said to have learned the method from a poor man in Edin-
burgh* This method has been transplanted from Liverpool

Neither Mrs* Leigh nor Dr. Yates has left a writ-
tea record of the system they employed; hence
only indirect accounts of the method are available.
The secret of the system was, however, bought by

*$ee Otto, MDw Gehdmniss Stottemde uHd Stammelnde *u
HeBen," Halle, 1833,

*Jl6faftft dw awUtod* lMar®&wr for gmawmtm Seilkimfa vm
Giwm und /utou, Vol. XV» p. 93. Quoted by Hasse, "Das Stot-
tern/' Berlin, 1846*