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given rise to a system of exercises to train the stammerer to
keep the tongue always in the region of the palate."

Haase gives the following summary of the Leigh
method and theory: *

"Madam Leigh observed that with stammerers the tongue
lies deep in the mouth when the speech-defect is in evidence j
whereas with normal-speaking persons the point of the tongue
remains in contact with the hard palate. She therefore con-
cluded that the speech-defect would disappear if the stammerer
persistently raised the point of the tongue and pressed it
against the palate. She required those afflicted to move the
point of the tongue upward and backward, and to thrust the
tongue rapidly from this rearward position far out of the
mouth, then immediately to withdraw it. These movements
were performed six or a dozen times, and the exercise was
repeated at frequent intervals till the required dexterity was
obtained. The fraenum was pulled and manipulated while
the tongue was held in an elevated position. Mrs. Leigh
further directed that the tongue should at all times be kept
in contact with the front part of the hard palate or the
upper gums. This rule was to be observed even when the
pupil was not conversing. At night a roll of wet linen was
kept under the tongue to prevent it from sinking to its low posi-

Frau Hagemann and a number of other European
teachers employed the Leigh method. We quote
Frau Hagemann:2

1 "Das Stottern," p. 84.

2 лг)ie UntruglicKe Heilung des Stotter- und Stammel-Uebels,"
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