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the palate instead of merely the tip, as advised by Mm,

Colombafs recommendation was that at the begin-
ning of treatment the pupil should pronounce difficult
words with the under surface of tie tongue applied
to the soft palate a short distance in front of the

uvula, A few modern teachers recommend the use
of the under surface of the tongue (though in a
more anterior position) for the lingual consonants.

After noting these modifications it will be interest-
ing to observe that a few investigators have recom-
mended a low or central, rather than a high, position
of the tongue:

"Now, I know (though I have not seen it) that your tongue
flies about in your mouth. It did in mine: it always does,
because it is trying to do the work which the lips should do.
So get into the habit of determinate!/ keeping it down. You

wHl find it easy enough after a while* But at first, when you
speak and read, always be sure that you can fed your lower
teeth against the tip of your tongue/1 *

A second writer agrees:

"The tongue, that unruly member, which flies about so
wildly in the mouths of stammerers, must be kept in control,
and, as Canon Kingsley justly remarks, must be kept low down
in the mouth^ touching the front teeth; but yet, when we wish
to join any of the consonants, except the true labials, it must
perforce be called into requisition/1

1 *Chtifai Klnpley: his Letters and Memories of his Life/' Vol.
II, ; 361.