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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Little need be said of the modification of the "Leigh
method." What has been said of the method itself
can also be applied to its variants.

The practice of keeping the tongue in a low or
central position has not been recom&ended as a pan-
acea for stammering, but rather as a mode of com-
portment; hence further comment regarding these
measures may be omitted.

The Broster -Leigh-Yates - Malebouche-Hagemann
method persists—despite its antiquity and futility—
in bobbing up as somebody's original and infallible
discovery. The method is employed by an American
stutter-doctor as "The one cure for stammerers —
entirely new—perfectly sure: the only scientific, natu-
ral, perfect, permanent remedy for stammering, stut-
tering, lisping, tongue-tied talk, and all impediments
of perfect speech."

"Matchless comfort [exclaims the "doctor"], that we in-
telligently and conscientiously rest in the assurance, born of
ample experience and the actual handling of all phases of
speech defects, that no case is beyond the reach of our skill,
which we do sacredly esteem a gift from God for earth's af-
flicted ones. How great the privilege and how sweet the re-
ward " . .'. et cetera, et cetera.

The "doctor" has recently written a book on the
system. By way of recreation we may as well re-
view it. The book is printed in head-line type, and