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and cleft-palate speech, dumbness, and the " brogue

of foreigners,11   AM for ten dollars!
And the great secret principle is tMs:

" i. Eight speech is the result of the coordination of two

distinct, but related movements  the vocal movement and
the organ movement.

** 2. The Tongue is the special Agent or Instrument of this

essential codrdinatlon.

<c 3. The Tongue is qualified to act in this essential capacity
by being rightly located, carried always in the roof of the mouth,

the end resting on the upper gum-ridges, which should always
be thought of as the TALK-PLACE for the Tongue.

414, The Tongue being thus rightly located, secures this

codrdinate movement of the other organs and the voice, by
taking the Initiative in speech, which it does by moving off
from Its place of rest and carriage^ on the Upper Gums,

** 5. TMs start for speech made by the Tongue, by this
movement from its place of rest and carriage, signals to all the
senses and instincts that control both the organs and the voice,
when to move for speech.

116, It is in this wny that the other organs of speech
and the voice are moved to follow the lead of the Tongue,
all harmonizing in perfect speech,

" 7. The Toagut is thus seen to be the main organ of speech,
the one that rate*, but the throne from which it rules is the right,
nfttund high location, before described.

11S, And thus It develops that the Btpikting Principle in
Right Speech is this: The Tongue makes the start for speech by
moving off from its high place of carriage on the Upper Gums.
This indicates the time of the utterance, The Tongue* in this
manner, ringing the bell or founding the gong, as it were, calls the
organs and voice into play, and all blend into easy, graceful utter-