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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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"All the stammerers that have ever made good talkers,
from old Demosthenes, who put pebbles tinder Ms tongue,

to the bright Western Horse-woman that cured herself by
clucking to her saddle-horse and popping her tongue loose
from the palate of her mouth, after sucking it up — all took
the same route you are travelling, consciously or unconsciously,

purposely or accidentally.   THERE IS HO OTHBIt

The following exercises help to keep the tongue at
the Talk-place :

" iğ Suck the Tongue up — • holding the End to its place on

the Upper Gums, suck the whole of it up against the palate.

" 2, Suck it up, as before, and Pop it loose, repeatedly,

" 3. Suck it up, and then close the mouth, keeping the Tongue
In place,

" 4, The Act of Swallowing lifts the Tongue to place, pre-

** 5. Placing the Tongue aright, open and dose the mouth,
without moving the Tongue from place.

4* 6, Practice the Horse-Cluck, sucking the Tongue up and
Clucking out at the side of the Tongue, as you would duck to
a horse.

" 7. Establish the habit of Sleeping with the Tongue Up,
lying on the Right Side and Keeping the Mouth Shut If
necessary, tie a Knotted towel about the waist, Knots at the
back ; and a bandage under the chin and over the top of the

" 8. Constancy of Attention to the Carriage of the Tongue
is Indispensable. Count the Bottom of the Mouth Forbidden
Ground for the Tongue,

" 9. Adopt as the Motto for the Tongue ; UP, ALL UP,