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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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The Method, as already stated, cures other ills
besides stammering. —As regards lisping and " tongue-
tied talking":

" These have been classed with stammering, because, while
illustrating different degrees of lowness as to tongue-carriage,
the remedy is the same — get the tongue up and use it from up
instead of from down*1*

Baby-talking "indicates that 'the tongue was heavily down
in the earlier yearn of childhood, so that sounds could not be

successfully imitated, in the usual way that, children learn to
talk. Hence, some one or more of the elemental sounds were
never said* « * «

11 The Tongue must be restored to Its right Carriage-place
in the 'roof of 'the mouth, the end resting on the upper gums___

11 The other essential is Right Pho&etical Instruction and

Any difficulty with sibilants is removed if one
keeps the tongue from "puaching" the front of
the mouth*

" Cleft-palate always, and Harelip, not infrequently, causes
broken speech. In the case of the former, the tongue will not
rest in the chasm or opening above, and, hence^ drops from its
right Mgh carriage to the bottom of the mouth/*

It is desirable to have "rents and leaks" closed by
a silver-palate or through a surgical operation,—

" But none of these devices are absolutely necessary to the
perfection of speech. With the fissure uncovered, more and
longer work will be needed to attain the same results; but the
——— Method compasses the difficulties presented by the