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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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open palate and confers perfect speech, despite the disadvan-

The patient may obtain "sweet, silvery, musical speech,
one of the supreme accomplishments and distinctions of the
method embalmed in these pages."

And now the method is ready for another errand of
mercy. Paralyzed tongues He prostrate in the bed
of the mouth. 

" This must be received as an impressive confirmation of

the ground-theory of----------Philosophy, namely, that the

dislocation of the tongue from the top to the bottom of the
mouth, is the direct CAUSE of all defects of speech."

The cure is easy. The paralytic just puts the
tongue up, using his "hidden powers." If this fails,
he wears a Dental Plug to raise the tongue. He then
reads by day and continues to wear the plug by night.
After some time, if the plug has not been swallowed,
and thus by great good fortune the patient is still
available, the instrument is removed. The tongue
may then " take the hint, so to speak, and finding its
right place and use, will get back to the old feeling
of ' being back home' and, if so, natural muscular
energy and natural suction may be relied on, jointly,
to do the rest."

And though all this fail, we need not despair. The
problem admits of solution:

" Substituting the upper teeth for the upper gums, and the
body of the tongue for the end of it, the upper teeth can be drawn