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backward and inward, and down on the tonptt, as it lies pros-
trate on the bed of the mouth, the tongue rolling up somewhat
by pricing against the front teeth, and in this manner the
essential contact between the tongue and tipper jaw can be

The author admits that speech thus obtained is
"nothing to look at." But the motto of the Method

is " Something for all that are afflicted in speech/' and

<(the Method glorifies itself in conferring speech upon
paralyzed tongues.1*

Foreigners with "brogue-blemished" and "dialect-
marred" speech, and native Americans that "flare
the controlling vowel sounds" must carry the tongue

a "little above normal height/7 and must be taken

through a course of phonetics. Foreigners thus
acquire "Linguistic Naturalization," and thence may

aspire to "places of prominence in business or in
religious and social life."   Renegade Americans ap-
parently receive absolution and remission of sins.
In regard to deaf-mutes 

u It has been commonly supposed that the want of hearing
is the sole cause of their speechlegsneas. But this cannot be
true,*1 The deaf-and-dumb carry a low tongue, and " causa*
tively considered, thin shares with deafness the blame for
dumbness." These unfortunate |>ersons must also carry a high
tongue and study phonetics. Tongue-speech will then be ac-
quired. ** This will not come with the next breath, to be sure,
but It will be realized in c the happy time-to-come/ near or far,
nearer or farther, according to several things*",