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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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Our author devotes a chapter to inveighing against
"false and fakish" and "mongrel" methods. He de-
plores the fact that "just anybody will do for a  Pro-
fessor' or 'Principal.'" His judgment is that "Brass,
more than brains, qualifies," in which opinion the
reader will doubtless concur. He says that so-called
"Cures for Stammering" are tricks and devices for
"deceiving the incredulous"(!), and holds that they
should not be classed with the Only Method. "All
other methods," he declares, "are but schemes of

And now the peroration:

" It is the Author's fond hope and confident belief, that in
this Manual he has but laid well and deep the solid foundation
for a structure of imposing magnificence, in the coming years,
after others shall have contributed their thought and labor and
skill, to a Department of popular and polite education, that,
hitherto, has been shamefully, if not, exclusively, in the hands,
and under the tutelage, of quacklets and charlatans.

"The revelations that go out with the issuance of this
novel Monograph will set men to thinking in right lines, about
the Physiology and Psychology and Pathology and Practical
Execution of Speech. The thousand and one guesses as to the
CAUSE of stammering and other imperfections of speech will
give way to the ONE CAUSE of all, as it has been proven and
given out in the foregoing pages.

" Spurious methods have had their day.

" This Book dates the birth of a New Science and a New Art,
and bequeaths to the Schools and Colleges and Universities of
our Country, first, and of the whole World, in the near future,
a New and Needed Department of Education.