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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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" Moreover, unpretentious as it may appear, this Book is
destined to draw the eyes of the world to a New Field for the

exploits of Statesmanship and the exercise and gratification of
Christian Beneficence,"

Our author is undoubtedly ingenuous, for he tells
us that he "humbly and honestly craves to yield Ms
life in an unselfish ministry to God and his fellow men."

We can proceed, then, to a commentary on the views
he expresses,  In the first place. It is evident that
the "doctor" Is selling us nothing new. He is dis-
pensing the Broster-Leigh-Eta "method" without
modification. He does not explain how the par-
ticular artifice is to inhibit stammering. When he
speaks of causes he usually resorts to allegory* The
tongue must "rule" from its "throne" in the "roof-
story"; otherwise it is "disqualified for leadership/7
It must "ring the bell" or "sound the gong" to call
the "organs and voice into play,"

One hardly knows how to regard this kind of argu-
ment; and when he remembers that the book pro-
fesses to be scientific, he is almost led to conclude that
his intelligence has been impugned* ~ The tongue
"rings the bell" and calls the<c voice into play." But
what of sonant consonants, in which the voice pre-
cedes articulation? The matter is difficult to com*
prehend. The author himself is befogged at times,
and resorts to the plea that "every science has its
mystery," and that his Science is no exception.