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3.  Contract and relax the muscles of the right arm in the
manner described in the former exercise.

4.  Similarly with the left arm,

5.  Contract and relax the muscles of both legs.

6.  Of the right leg.

7.  Of the left leg,

8: As far as possible, contract all the muscles of the body,
Relax them; contract them. Rest with the muscles relaxed
for several minutes. Rest in this manner at frequent intervals
during the exercises.

9.  Relax the muscles of the neck and allow the           to
sink upon the chest.   Raise the head and strongly contract
the muscles of the neck.   Gradually relax the muscles and
allow the head to sink.   Etc., etc.

10.  Relax the muscles of the neck and allow the head to
sink to the right.   Raise the head and allow it to sink to the
left.   Etc,, etc.

11.  Raise the head with the least expenditure! of energy,
Repeat the vowels  and perform simple vocal exercises.   Use
the least possible effort,

12.  Repeat the alphabet, speaking in a listless and non-
chalant manner.

Etc., etc,

These exercises doubtless have merit; but the real
value of relaxation lies in applicability to speech» and
its ability, when applied during speech, to eliminate
physical stammering.

Dr. L. Sandow has developed the principle of
relaxation as a system in itself.1 His ideas are so
original and interesting that they well repay con-
1" Mechanik des Stottenuu"