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MECHANICAL aids are occasionally employed even
at the present day in the treatment of stammering.
A prominent Russian institution boast* an *'orthu-
psedic therapeutic spm:h-apparatu.s" that "fadli-
tates the mechanical action of aptTch" and "renders
stammering impossible,"

In America we find a sponsor for tht* electric battery
and coll The electric apparatus h                 to a

belt  and worn next  to  the  body.    Tht?
presses a button and  receive*  a  monitory
when he feels inclined to Ktammer*

In current works we rend of knotty! towels and
head-bandages to be worn at night to keep fht*
in its "high position"; and of {uiper-kmvc*, nilwr
hooks, pencils, and kn!tting»mM*d!es tt> correct faulty
axticulation. And oc*casionally we read that the
stammerer may cure himself, like l)emi>sthiftne»> by
speaking with a mouth full of gravel1

As a substitute for gravel, one may nm
parcha balls;

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have been lallatkm,