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etc., which will not be for long. Electrical treat-
ments and gymnastic exercises are certainly not
directed at the cause of abnormal utterance. *

At this point it may be opportune to $ay a wor<J
concerning surgical operations,  which &re,x)f course,

intended to remove mechanical obstructions? J^^eech.
The operating craze began in 1841, but, like
its victims, it was shortly blessed with death.
tunately a few of its illegitimate offsj^ng

The parent operation consisted in sli
wedge from the base of the tongue.   The edge's of
the  gap  were  then  brought and sewed toother;,
and the tongue was in the much-wished-for H|* high
position/'   The filial operations consist in remov-
ing adenoids, tonsils, elongated uvulas, and other -
accessible material.   An English teacher of stam-
merers (apparently with no medical knowledge) finds
seventy-nine stammerers in a hundred afflicted with
various  "obstructions/*   These obstructions,  it  is
true, are not represented as causes of stammering,

culture, I should produce a more harmonious balance of brain and
body, to the lasting benefit of the sufferer/*
Ok, how scientific t

And hera we have convincing proof that physical exercises are

"Besides the other remedies, she practised gymnastic exercises,
and consequently lost her voice altogether, because gymnastics 'in-
creased the peripheral strength.1*

And so It goes.