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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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The first expedient that we have to consider is
auto-suggestion, which forms the basis of several
"therapeutic" systems. We give as typical, the in-
structions of an English stammering-school that
employs auto-suggestion and elocutionary expedients
as coordinate measures:

"Without a liberal measure of Auto Suggestion all my
advice will be largely thrown away. Auto Suggestion is your
own. voice speaking to your own inner self. You must realize
how important it is that you should give yourself the right
auto-suggestions; think of them and act on them.

"The effect of Auto Suggestion is based on the fact that any
achievement is brought about in the first place by an idea for-
mulated in the mind, and the more firmly this takes root the more
rapid and permanent will be the accomplishment.

"When applying auto-suggestion you must not forget that
it is vital to bring into play the whole force of your will. If it
is to act as an inspiration and develop its full power it must be
done with intentness and fixity of purpose. And you must be
convinced of the truth of the suggestion proceeding from your
will, it is bouncj to work with direct force on your imagination.

"A suggestion ia order to grow.wants time, and any impetu-
ousness is liable to drive it away again. It is therefore funda-
mentally wroig: to suggest too much or too often. A few
suggestions well and correctly used keep on working on their
own account. That is why it is always advisable to divert your
thoughts immediately after the suggestions have been made.
The wording of the suggestions is immaterial, the sense being the
essential thing. However, it is imperative to become entirely
absorbed in the sense of the suggestions, thinking or speaking
slowly, calmly, and with firmness.