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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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"Always use the present tense.

"The daily practice should be as follows :

"Auto Suggestions given in the morning immediately after
waking up, and at night immediately before falling to sleep.

"Once in your thoughts. 

'' I am indifferent in every way and do not lose my self-control.

"My speaking is quite normal. I have no difficulties what-
ever. When I have to speak I go down [lower the pitch] and
always form very easy volume of sound.

"Twice in whispering voice.                       $Mi?

"I am always calm and indifferent. My liking is quite
fluent. I always form easy volume of dg$^dixig sound,
avoiding any pressure.                                   JtU".^^            i't V1

"Four times aloud.  The Same a$< above. |x'>;.               & 

"It is further necessary to sketch out
in which you previously experienced special <
view of your speaking now with entire freedoiib^< > ,

"After having sketched out the situations^d, yof|a
minutely, you have to give the final siiggestioilCSther mil v,.._,
pering voice or aloud. The wording in whi<^/jju d|the the
suggestions has to be adapted for the spedalCfnarpo^tt!'1 How-
ever, it is vital to use in addition such suggestj^.s*lis ml^follow-
ing. It is nonsense to think I have any dif&p
(in a shop or at the telephone). On the cor^
pleasure to go into shops, etc., euidtospeak^
of descending sound.

"It is of great importance at the same

out more than one or at most two such ^___iT___   ,_ ,_,,

Further you must not practise one situation to-'da^ and anotn'er
to-morrow, but you must concentrate your mind for some time
(two or more weeks) on the same situation in order to impress it
so intensely that the suggestion can be turned into action.

"After you have finished the sketch which should not take