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more than five minutes, your thoughts should be diverted imme-

"The desired result, provided that you practise intensely,
is bound to come, as it is based on the natural working of your
subconscious mind (mind behind the principal mind)."

Much of the procedure here advocated appeals to
one as being fetishistic. U0nce in your thoughts
. . . Twice in whispering voice . . . Four times
aloud."  Well, why ? If auto-suggestion ever proves
effective, it is undoubtedly due to the fact that
during suggestion, sthenic emotions are associated
with the ideas of the action or situation depicted.
The emotions may then recur when the action or
situation comes to be realized. The whispering for-
mula is certainly foreign to the matter.  The subcon-
scious mind here invoked is, of course, supposititious.

For persons with certain types of minds this
auto-suggestive procedure might prove beneficial.
However, the writer has witnessed its application in a
number of cases, and in these it has yielded "nega-
tive results.3'

Counter auto-suggestion (suggestions of "I can
and.zwK," etc.) are often recommended by "speech
specialists" for combating immediate difficulties.
This subject has been discussed in the preceding vol-
*e (PP- 339~34o).

Hypnotism is frequently employed in treating stam-
mering. The patient is brought into a drowsy (or